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Helen F. K. Cheung
Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (AASFP)
Core Fit Pilates Instructor (Mat work) Certification (AASFP)
Sports Taping Accredited Trainer Certification (AASFP)
Sports Massage Certification (AASFP)
Certificate of Relaxation and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course (F.O.R.U.M. ESSENZIA)
Certificate of Aromatherapist (F.O.R.U.M. ESSENZIA)
Certificate of Emotional Balance and Aromatherapy (USHA VEDA Swiss Holistic College)
Certificate of Integrated Techniques for Myofascial Release Course (AASFP)
Certificate of Integrated Techniques for Myofascial Release Course II (AASFP)
Stretch Trainer (AASFP)

Helen is an Aromatherapist with a background in Personal Training and Sports Management. She has worked for over ten years in various sports and fitness centers and has more recently branched into massage and other therapeutic methods.

She got the certificate of Advance Personal Trainer in 2002, after that she kept studying more in fitness professionals including Core Fit Pilates Instructor (Mat work) Certification, Sports Taping Accredited Trainer, Sports Massage Course, Myofascial Release Course, Children and Adolescence Fitness Instructor and Stretch Trainer.

She emphasizes on one’s body, mind and spirit, so she love to devote herself in aromatherapy and massage therapy, and she also have in depth understanding in myofascial release and muscle massage. She is a versatile professional, who helps her clients in muscle relaxation, stress relief, pain management, flexibility and fitness as well as in lifestyle adjustments.

Her specialties are Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Aroma Massage and Stretching.