Asian Fitness Therapy Center (AFTC) has established its first therapy center at Quarry Bay in 2006, whereas the second center at Mong Kok was proudly opened in 2013. AFTC aims to help you achieve your physical health goals and build a healthy lifestyle by utilizing an integrative holistic treatment approach – FITNESS THERAPY, which is a combination of comprehensive fitness training and physiotherapy interventions.

FITNESS THERAPY is a rehabilitation modality that integrates Physiotherapy together with other professional services such as Acupuncture, Sports therapy, Pilates conditioning programs, Pilates based exercise therapy, Personal Training and Dietetics. With the integration of advanced treatment modalities and evidence-based training, along with the latest fitness equipment, our experienced professionals strives to customize a variety of specialized programs for our clients to pursue an effective recovery under the safest environment.


Asian Fitness and therapy Center

Tailor-made training programs for clients to achieve the safest and most effective rehabilitation.

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