The most suitable treatment to cope with patients’ situation


AFTC focuses on musculoskeletal conditions, which includes sports injuries, spinal problems, and overuse syndromes (e.g. tendinopathy) etc.
We select different treatment approach based on patient’s specific conditions.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on form of physiotherapy that helps with injury recovery and pain relief.  


Electrotherapy uses targeted and controlled electrical stimulation to treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries.



Traction therapy stretches prolapsed discs and improve conditions of nerve impingement
of the cervical or lumbar spine.


Acupuncture relieves joint pain by stimulating acupoints with the use of disposable sterile needles.

Sports injury rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation helps with pain relief, injury prevention and return to play in sports.  

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses a higher-energy sound wave to enhance blood circulation and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels as well as the self-repair function of cells. 

Physiotherapy: Pilates

Pilates is a set of core conditioning program that aims to help with rehabilitation and postural refinement. It is now commonly used by physiotherapist as a part of a rehabilitation program. Our fully-equipped Pilates Studio provides Pilates-based therapy as well as fitness oriented Pilates training.

On-field Physio Support

Pre-game taping, Sports massage and Sports injury management are provided by our physiotherapist / sports therapists in the event of a sports game to help players perform their best and attain desirable results.

Sports Therapy

Sport Therapy focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation to optimize levels of functional, occupational or even sport-specific fitness by utilizing sports and exercise principles. Sports Therapist helps with planning and implementing appropriate rehabilitation and return to training/work programs.

Sports Massage & Stretching

Optimal muscle length and flexibility with ideal posture can effectively prevent a variety of pain. 

Sports Massage and Stretching Therapy helps with relieving pain caused by poor posture and overuse, while soft tissue release helps with muscle activation. It also helps with addressing and correcting muscle imbalances. 

    PHEP (Posture and Height Enhancement Program)

    PHEP aims to maximize the height growth, improve the body shape and physique of children through assessments, treatments and advice from our physiotherapists and dietitians. It involves nine physiotherapy sessions and one dietitian session.

    A thorough assessment including postural and functional strength will be conducted to help patients develop realistic goals. Muscle building, postural corrective, flexibility and cardiorespiratory exercises are customized in follow up treatments.  

    Individualized dietetic counselling including medical nutrition therapies, and recommendations on nutritional supplements when appropriate are also provided by our dietician.

    Health Seminar

    Our physiotherapists provide health seminars regularly to present the latest information on hot topics that are related to health and fitness.

    Our treatment center focuses on musculoskeletal conditions

    In order to tackle the root cause – especially recurrent injuries – postural and biomechanical assessments will be performed, and sports therapy will be emphasized as a key component to your recovery.

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